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Maintenance of girls in the shelter

Expenses for food, clothing, medical care, education, maintenance, salaries, etc. These 11 girls are from poverty stricken, most of them are single parented, and have no means for their basic needs. They are saved from a life in the streets and exposed to many dangers.


Expenses of school fees, books, school supplies, uniform, clothing, nutrition, hygiene, household, healthcare, cultural and spiritual development and administration costs. These 40 girls come from remote areas of the municipality, very far from educational institutions. So they need a place to stay in town to study. They are supported dormitory facility and nutrition.


Expenses for catechetical formation, leadership training, Mariology, Mass, Rosary rally for peace etc. The project is meant for 350 children of 12-14 years, attending the secondary schools in the diocese, to instill in them the Christian values and Marian devotion to restore dignity, self-respect and religiosity.

Education support for needy children

Expenses of school fees, miscellaneous fees, books, uniform, retreat, smart math and educational tour. The support is offered to economically challenging children who are deserving and striving to get good education. The beneficiaries are children of poor fisher folks, farmers and menial workers.