Mallari Period (2001-2002)

Father Cipriano B. Mallari (1946- ) was appointed National PMS Director on April 6, 2001.  He had studied missiology in Rome; he had been missioned in 1996 as a MSP associate priest in the Solomon Islands; and, he had served as diocesan PMS director in the Archdiocese of Caceres (Naga City) from 1998-2001.

Working closely with Sister M. Nicetas P. Dael, RVM, Father Mallari and the PMS Office were able to produce the handsome and informative volume: PMS Seventieth Anniversary Commemorative Book.

One must highlight the extraordinarily effective work of the PMS Mission Education Committee (MEC) over the years, since its origin in 1969.  School-based, creative mission animation was the hallmark of this dedicated group, mostly composed of mission-minded religious sisters and teachers.

The MEC coordinators and their years of service are the following: Sister Thelma Peña, DC (1969-1974); Sister Luz Jael, DC (1974-1975); Sister Priscilla Andaya, DC (1976-1978); Sister Thelma Peña, DC (1978-1981); Sister Ma. Teresita Dacio, RVM (1981-1983); Sister Ma. Concepta C. Sanchez, RVM (1983-1984); Sister Ma. Nicetas P. Dael, RVM (1984-1996); and, Sister Ma. Lupeciña Amamio, RVM (1996-1999).